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San Diego Camarada Show

Photo by  Julie Licari

Photo by Julie Licari

Gloria danced exquisitely - castanets reverberating off the red tile floor added to the evening’s authenticity.


Gloria Lanuza Dance featured in Maharani Weddings

A cornucopia of the wildest entertainment imaginable.
— Neha Kumar


Divine Desi Dance in San Diego City Beat

New Divine Desi Dance closes the cultural divide
— Alex Zaragoza
The distance between San Diego and India’s capital city, New Delhi, is about 8,109 miles. Gloria Lanuza is doing her best to close that gap—at least culturally.
The 24-year-old founded Divine Desi Dance in April 2010 to bring a bit of Indian and other Far East culture to this city. The dance troupe performs traditional Indian dances, Bollywood-inspired numbers and other styles at festivals, private events and dance performances.
And it’s all very D.I.Y. Lanuza choreographs every dance piece, creates the brightly colored costumes and holds rehearsals in her parents’ Lake Murray-area garage, which has been converted into a studio.


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